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Full Body Waxing

There's nothing like the right wax in the hands of an experienced technician to give your skin that silky smooth result you're after. But to be realistic, from a clinical perspective, waxing is actually a controlled trauma to your skin! And if you've ever had a bad waxing experience at the hands of a novice technician resulting in excoriation (a serious abrading of the skin with resultant weeping), you know that controlling the trauma to your skin is the most important part of waxing.

At Attentively Yours, you will experience the most careful, caring and comfortable approach to waxing possible, using the finest and most effective wax products available to the industry. You'll love your results, and so will your skin!

Pre & Post Waxing Reminders

BEFORE you wax, DO...

All of the following help to regulate blood mineral levels for a more comfortable wax experience and less bruising.

  • Herbal tea

  • Apple juice

  • Bananas

  • Raisins

BEFORE you wax, DON’T...

  • Consume caffeine, chocolate, alcohol

  • Take pain relievers (causes high nerve activity)

  • Schedule waxing during menstrual cycle (body fluids are not well regulated and you may be more sensitive)

AFTER you wax, DO...

  • Use zinc oxide for comfort

  • Apply cold compresses

  • Use tea tree oil

  • Exfoliate after hair begins to emerge

  • Repeat waxing in 4-6 weeks (or according to the area and your personal hair growth)

AFTER you wax, DON’T...

  • Apply heat (hot baths, sauna, steam bath) to waxed area for 12-24 hours

  • Suntan (tan beds, strong UV light) for 12-24 hours

  • Apply highly fragrant products (scented body lotions, anti-perspirants, feminine hygiene sprays, perfumes) to waxed area

  • Apply SPF sunblocks for 12-24 hours after wax (self tan and tan accelerators)

Any pinking should disappear in 6-12 hours after treatment. Pinking is normal and indicates that hair was removed from the root–a good thing–and will give a better result.

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