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Clinical Skin Care

At Attentively Yours, skin care services are customized to your unique needs. Our promise to you is simple: We will use only the purest, most potent ingredients, including botanicals, herbs and natural emollients, in the most effective concentrations. We will give you the time and attention you deserve to renew, energize and rejuvenate the whole self, while helping you with your most difficult skin care challenges.

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An Approach Both Clinical and Nurturing

Here's what you can expect when you appoint for skin care at Attentively Yours:

  • No assembly-line facials!

  • A facial & full body care experience that is both clinical for maximum effectiveness, nurturing and rejuvenating

  • Generous appointments that allow time for client education to achieve compliance & results, enjoying complimentary samples of services, choosing add-on services and completely satiating the client

  • Custom treatments developed on-the-spot according to need

  • Treatment based on thorough medical history and skin analysis

  • Every service is charted to allow us to track your progress toward your skin care goals over time

About our Chemical Resurfacing Services

You may be familiar with these services by many other names: peels, glycolic, AHA, Jessner's and so many others. They all fall into the same category of service: chemical resurfacing. Chemical resurfacing services use mild organic acids in a process called chemical exfoliation and is one of many effective, low-risk defenses against aging skin.

A Closer Look at Organic Acids

Organic acids come from sugar, sour milk and tree resins. These acids are highly active and carefully controlled based on measurements of percentage of acid in solution and pH. Each acid plays a unique role in treating various skin conditions that benefit from chemical exfoliation.

Why Exfoliate the Skin?

Chemical exfoliation helps to normalize skin shedding. A complete cycle of skin shedding that once took only 28 days in our youth can take up to 75 days or more with maturity. Chemical exfoliation dissolves the "glue" that holds lifeless cells together and allows new, healthy, nourished cells to appear and move to the surface more quickly. Exfoliated skin appears to improve in moisture content, feel and texture. Discolorations and acne are reduced as well. Collagen and elastin, the building blocks of youthful skin, can be stimulated so that skin improves in appearance.

Is It Safe?

Making chemical exfoliation safe is the job of your facial specialist and it's something I take very seriously. The exfoliates used are mild and carefully controlled for percentage of acid in solution and pH. On your first visit, I take a health history and do a thorough skin analysis. This is followed by a basic facial. After reviewing your health history and observing your reaction to the basic facial I can provide you with a professional opinion about the advisability of moving forward with a program of chemical exfoliation.

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