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Stress Relief Therapies

Skin care has always been my passion, but my practice goes further, centering on total well-being, because that is the foundation of great skin. Toward this goal, I offer a variety of stress-relief therapies that I develop to suit your specific needs. Rest assured that your stress-relief appointment will rejuvenate, recharge and energize you, and give an extra boost to your skin care experience.

Hot Stone Therapy

In this unique body treatment, smooth, heated stones are placed on the body where you are experiencing discomfort to support the body's natural healing process. We combine this therapy with essential oils to create a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being and to aid in reducing muscle tension.

Headache Relief

This service incorporates pressure point therapy to relieve the stress you experience during your busy day. Why not try a short lunch-hour treatment? Or, try an extended session after your work day is behind you.

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